Wednesday, 2003-23-07

What's about a forum to discuss astronomical and - of course - deep sky observing related questions? Well, here it is. I'm curious to see if this idea works. If not, take it as a failed temptative. ;)

Saturday, 2003-20-07

Some observations (A262, A347, A426) and sketches were added to the Abell galaxy cluster section. Others will follow.

Sunday, 2003-13-07

Today I added my Abell galaxy cluster observations. Descriptions of more than 20 AGC's observed with my 18" between 1996 and 1998. Some sketches will be added soon. Enjoy. :)

Thursday, 2003-10-07

Another few web design changes: I use frames now instead of those static common borders. I always refused to do that because I don't like scroll bars right in the middle of a web site. Therefore - as you can see - I gave them a less gaudy appearance. Anyway I think it's better now... :)

Tuesday, 2003-08-07

Many people ask me why they couldn't find any sketches of some "Master-Showpieces" of the northern skies within my archive. Well, the answer is simple: I haven't skeched them yet. At least I did not with the accuracy these objects deserve. 

First of all it is not my intention to provide a complete visual archive of the northern hemisphere. If I would try this, I'll never finish in my whole life. Actually I know that I still have a lot of work to do - especially with Bright Nebulae. However don't underestimate the amount of work and time sketching requires. From all astronomical techniques - photography, CCD, whatever - sketching is still the slowest and in my opinion the most strenuous and demanding of all.

Take the Veil for example: If you would like to know the reason why I still made no drawing of the entire Veil Nebula with the 18" - but only the western part NGC 6960 - just take a look at the enormous detail documented by this particular sketch. So you might get an imagination about what kind of effort sketching the entire veil complex would be and how much time it would require. Only for sketching NGC 6960 I needed five hours within two nights. The Rosette Nebula required indeed eight hours. And you'll never imagine how much time I spent to bring down the the Great Orion Nebula... 

Nevertheless I've got something like a "To-Do list" which involves some really prominent objects such as M1 (Crab), M8 (Lagoon), M20 (Trifid), M27 (Dumbbell), M57 (Ring), NGC 6992-5 (W-Veil), NGC 1499 (California), NGC 2359 (Duck). This list just started to become shorter and shorter. Some original members - most recently: the Crescent Nebula - now no longer will be "to do", but already done... 

Anyway I have another good reason to make my sketches "slowly": I want you to come back... :)

Sunday, 2003-29-06

A little change of design and colour. A new main banner and light grey on black - more pleasant for your eyes. :)

Saturday, 2003-28-06

Finally, after a very long period of absence, I went out to do a new sketch. NGC 6888 - the Crescent Nebula in Cygnus. A showpiece which I refused to bring on paper for a long time due to its tremendous amount of detail visible through the 18-incher. However the Crescent always been one of my absolute favourites in the summer milky way. And as it seems: I did not forget how to sketch. :) 

Saturday, 2003-21-06

Today I added the "missing" articles about M 55, NGC 40, 2903, 6822, 7023 and 7640. So my publications archive now is complete. 

Thursday, 2003-19-06

I know, I know... it's been a long time, since my first and last news entry. And since then nothing really has been changed or added on the web site. The only thing I can say is that I'm still very busy with so many other things, especially with my family and as the pres of the german astronomical association  Volkssternwarte Darmstadt. This special engagement requests more and more of my time, time that I normally would spend on building my web site. 

Actually even my observations are suffering from that. I didn't went out with my scope since last August. 

Although, I'm still optimistic. I hope you're too. :)

Saturday, 2003-08-03

Today I added Publications as a source for articles and reviews I published in german language. Obviously I also added this "new" News section. Now here you'll be informed about what's new or changed on my web site from time to time. 

And yes, I'm still working on my Observing Skills and About Sketching sections. Please be patient for another while... It takes more time than I presumed. :)