Deep Sky Links...

The Messier Catalog
Images and information for all Messier objects from Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS).
NGC/IC Project
Objective is to correctly identify all of the original NGC and IC objects. Starts with the original discoverer's notes and moves forward to encompass the work of contemporary astronomers, both professional and amateur.
Planetary Nebulae Observer's Web Site
Planetary nebula data, images and information on over 1000 planetaries.
Challenging Observing Projects for Amateur Astronomers
Deep-sky site challenges amateur astronomical observers.
Ray Cash's Deep-Sky Page
Photos and information about deep-sky observing.
List of Common Deep-Sky Catalogs
Listing of various common catalogs of deep-sky objects, along with abbrevations and short descriptions.
Online tools for deep-sky observers, including maps and lists of objects with pictures and data.
The National Deep-Sky Observers Society (NDSOS)
Dedicated to serving amateur deep-sky observers. Located in Louisville, Kentucky.
NetAstroCatalog - Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog - IAAC
A forum for amateur astronomers at all levels to share their observations of deep-sky objects.
Impressions of the Deep Sky (dead link)
Links to deep sky sites, sketches and photographs.
Unfortunately the website is down atm.
Observing Supernovae
Site has an in-depth FAQ on how to observe faint supernovae, and what you need to do so. Site also links to references for confirming your observations.
Features a reference of Messier objects, telescope information, and deep-sky links.
Radek's Observing Target List (ROTL)
Project to develop comprehensive set of finder charts for deep-sky objects. Includes basic data for and charts to locate objects with your telescope.
Sketching the Deep Sky
Site devoted to sketching deep-sky objects.
Drawings of Deep-Sky Objects with large scopes
Site also has a link to discussions on visual observing.
Iiro's DeepSky Pages -
Video clips, pictures, sketches, and reports.
Ian's Astro Page
Sketches of deep-sky objects from a light-polluted site using 5" and 8" STCs.
Arp's Catalog Of Peculiar Galaxies
Summarizes catalog of 338 peculiar galaxy views gathered by Dr. Halton C. Arp in his Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies.
Deep-Sky Collections and Catalogs
Links to deep-sky catalogs and observing lists.
Die grossen Planetarischen Nebel
Observations of large planetary nebulae with 20" telescopes (german). 
Blick ins Universum
Deep sky observations and sketches from germany (german). 
Phil Harrington's Star Ware
Web site developed as an extension of the books and articles authored by Phil Harrington.
The Belmont Society
Dedicated to beginning astronomers - and presenting fabulous deep sky drawings.
Bert's Visual Deepsky Astronomy Pages
Beautiful deep sky drawings from a dutch observer using a 6" Newtonian. 
Web site of the german VdS Fachgruppe Deep-Sky organisation.
Homepage of Wolfgang Steinicke
Deep sky related homepage of a skilled NGC/IC project observer.
San Jose Astronomical Association
Web site with many deep sky related articles - and often featuring some of my own sketches. ;-)
Beautiful deep sky web site by Matthias Juchert, Germany.

More Links:

Volkssternwarte Darmstadt e. V.
Public Observatory of Darmstadt (Germany). 
3rd Planet
Astronomy resources, instruments and news (german).


AmAstro -
A retromoderated mailing list dedicated to the discussion of amateur astronomy, with an emphasis on observing.
Amateur astronomy and observing mailing list. 



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