Cluster:    Abell 376 Per (Abell distance class 3)
Site: Sölden, Tiefenbachgletscher (Austria), 2800 mtrs. over sea level 
fst: 7m,2
Instr.: 457/1850-Newton
Mag. 276 ×, 308 ×
Description: AGC 376 is a huge dissapointment. Only one object definetly visible within the entire cluster - no matter of this extraordinary dark mountain sky. Two exceedingly faint MAC galaxies suspected. UGC 2259 close at north (but not member of the cluster) is much more interesting: pretty bright (13.7v) diffuse and round in shape... 

Nr. Object (MegaStar) mag.  Description with 18"
 1 UGC 2232 14.3 round, diffuse, pretty faint 
 2 MAC 0246+3654A - suspected 
 3 MAC 0244+3658A - suspected