Cluster:    Abell 1904 Boo (Abell distance class 3)
Site: Breitenbuch, Odenwald 
fst: 6m,8
Instr.: 457/1850-Newton
Mag. 276
Description: This one is more a group of galaxies then a cluster. AGC 1904 is situated about 40 arc minutes west to NGC 5622. Only five faint galaxies seen, although only no. 1 is quite bright, all others pretty difficult - but definetly visible in the 18". No. 3 and 4 are really faint. There is a surprising agreement between the real positions of the galaxies and their positions on the MegaStar chart. Thank's Larry :) ... 

Nr. Object (MegaStar) mag.   Description with 18"
 1 MCG+8-26-27 14.9  brightest object, round, stellar core? 
 2 MCG+8-26-24 16.5p  diffuse, round 
 3 MCG+8-26-26 16.5p  shapeless glow, non stellar, faint
 4 MCG+8-26-23 16.5p  pretty faint but definetly seen
 5 MCG+8-26-25 16.5p  very faint but definetly seen