Cluster:    Abell 1143 UMa (Abell distance class 5)
Site: Sölden, Tiefenbachgletscher (Austria), 2800 mtrs. over sea level
fst: 7m,2
Instr.: 457/1850-Newton
Mag. 276 ×, 308 ×
Description: AGC 1143 (Shakhbazian 26) is listed as dc5 (the magnitude of the tenth-brightest galaxy is 17m,2). However, not that much to see here: Two galaxies. A third one, MCG+8-20-72, is not member of AGC 1143. That's all. 

Nr. Object (IPAC/NED) mag. (CSCGG) Description with 18"
 1 MCG+8-20-69A 13.4v  bright, knotty, irregular or double appearance 
 2 MCG+8-20-67A 16.0v faint, diffuse and elongated glow 
 3 MCG+8-20-72 (outside cluster) 16.0v faint, diffuse, round 
no further galaxies visible